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Here are some Motherhouse Photo albums which we gladly share with you. We want to give you a glimpse of how our cloister on the inside looks like, what we are doing here, how we are working,  – in short, a glimpse of our way of life. May what we humbly share with you through the pages of this website bridge the distance between us and bring us all closer to one another in Christ and enable us to cry out together to our God: “Abba, Father!”

“May the holy triune God live in our hearts and in every heart!”

Corpus Christi Procession 2018

Recreation Cutting Apples

Recreation Picking Apples

Recreation Picking Plums (August 2016)

Motherhouse, Holy Spirit Adoration Convent

Corpus Christi 2016

Easter celebration 2016

100 Years Perpetual Adoration, 1915 November 8, 2015

Christmas 2015

Beautiful Autumn in Steyl – Oct 2015

3 September 2015, Official opening of the Beatification Process of M.Mary Michael, Adolfine Tönnies : Holy Mass and Installation of the Tribunal by Bishop Franz Wiertz (Photos: Br. Heinz Helf, SVD)

Venerable Mother Mary Michael, Adolfine Tönnies: Co-foundress (January 7, 1862 – February 25, 1934)


Springtime in the Motherhouse

Beautiful Stained-glass Windows here in the Motherhouse

100 Years Motherhouse, Steyl: August 26, 2014 (Photos: Br. Heinz Helf, SVD)

Good communication helps us to grow closer, to know one another better,
and ultimately, to grow in unity.

– Pope Francis, Message: 48th World Communication Day –